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Still have a question? Reach out to Rippl

What is Rippl?

Rippl provides wraparound support and personalized health care for seniors with behavioral health challenges, including Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We provide support whenever and wherever seniors need it – on the phone or online.

When will I be able to sign up for Rippl?

We are now enrolling members in Washington State. Call us at (206) 647-1007 to enroll. We hope to be in your community soon, contact us to be the first to know.

How will I pay for Rippl?

Today, we accept Medicare and Medicaid for payment. If you are insured by traditional Medicare or Medicaid, there should be no additional cost to you beyond your co-pay. Over the next several weeks, we expect to be in-network with most major Washington State insurers. Our care is covered by most major insurers.

Does Rippl require a referral from my doctor?

No, Rippl can provide support to anyone who can benefit from our specialized care.

I’m a clinician and love what Rippl is doing. Do I have to live in one of Rippl’s current markets to provide care?

No, we hire licensed clinicians across the country. Ideally, you would have a license for states on the West Coast, this is where our initial growth is focused.

Do I need a diagnosis to get care from Rippl?

No, our clinicians can help you manage a broad range of neurocognitive conditions regardless of stage.  Those include depression, anxiety, mild cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Can Rippl provide a diagnosis?

Yes, our clinicians are capable of diagnosing some neurocognitive conditions.  If we’re not able to provide a diagnosis, we can help facilitate introductions to physicians who can.

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